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 Farming List for Cooking Stuff`s

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Farming List for Cooking Stuff`s Empty
PostSubject: Farming List for Cooking Stuff`s   Farming List for Cooking Stuff`s EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 2:02 pm

Hy i wanna give everyone In guild the chance to help our cooker (Smokes) farrming items for Cooking stuff`s. tongue
Here follows now some items u can farm when u sometimes bored.

Spring Roll:
Treant Root / droped from Treant Terror
Stone Egg / Stone Golem
Comp.Energy III / can become from Fairy Merchant in icicle 1372 590

Herb / can become from every physican ingame
Shark Fin / Sawtooth Shark
Elven Signet /can become from every Fairy

Tigerfish Bone:
Morph Clover / every physican ingame
Tiger Bone Fish /needs Fishing Skill
Comp. Energy IV

Fried Oyster:
Liquorice /Phisycan ingame
Diving Clam /Fishing Skill
Comp. Energy II

Schoolar Wine:
Withered Root /Treant
Quality Tasty Fishmeat /Feral Skeleton Fish
Elven Signet

Ginseng Wine:
Mysterious Leaf /Lumbering Treant
Glimmering Dorsol Fin /Feral Ruby Dolphin
Comp. Energy III

Blessed Poition:
Omnipotent Herb / Physican ingame
Cyclonic Sea Jelly Heart
Elven Royal Signet

Prawn Dumbling:
Omnipotent Herb / Physican ingame
Phoenix Prawn /Fishing Skill
Comp. Energy III

Sturgeon Soup:
Thorny Stramonium Flower/ Needle of Stramonium
Moon Tail Eel / Fishing Skill
Elven Signet

Tiger Bone Tonic:
Mysterious Branch /Lumbering Treant
Giant Lizard Tongue / Giant Lizard
Comp. Energy III

Maiden Wine:
Thorny Stramonium Flower
Huge Bear Paw / Great Polar Bear
Elven Signet

Steam Bun:
Withered Root /Treant
Pumpkin Head / Pumpkin Knight
Elven Signet

Dukan Wine:
Gigantic Stramonium Flower
Heart of Tempest Sea Jelly / Tempest Sea Jelly
Comp. Energy II

Sturgeon Fish with Bamboo:
Desert Seed / Sandy Tortiose
Clownfish /Fishing Skill
Elven Signet

I dont right now any coords there because they from IGG most not very exactly so please when u found a good Place to farm any items give me coords and i add it.
And also when u have some new cooking Bp for guild say me add it too then.
Pls help me to find coords thx
Btw please forgive me my horrible English xD Laughing
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Farming List for Cooking Stuff`s
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